Social Psychologist
PhD Candidate
York University




Research Interests

Meghan is a PhD student in Social Psychology at York University. She earned her BA at Ryerson University in 2011 and received her MA from York University in 2015. 

Broadly speaking, she studies interpersonal relationships. She is interested in how people interact and how the attitudes that people hold influence these interactions. Specifically, her research focuses on interactions following negative experiences such as rejection and other minor transgressions. She studies these topics in a variety of contexts, such as intergroup interactions and dating. She is also interested in how intergroup attitudes are shaped in childhood from both the perspective of majority and minority group members.   

Prior to her career in social psychology, Meghan studied stage management at Sheridan College where she earned a diploma in theatre production. Although her stage managing days are over, she still enjoys attending musical theatre and dance productions in Toronto. She is also a trained tap dancer.